Re-examining Open Source and Community Development: March 5, 2007

Particularly for those of you in Colorado — I will be participating in an upcoming event titled “Re-Examining Open Source and Community Development” being held on Monday, March 5 at the University of Colorado. The event is being organized by the Silicon Flatirons Program at the University and will feature speakers (including yours truly) from both here in Colorado and outside of the state. The announcement below includes further details. It promises to be a top-shelf ev

Hope to see you there!

Re-examining Open Source and Community Development
March 5, 2007
University of Colorado School of Law
It is with great excitement and anticipation that I would like to announce our second Silicon Flatirons Program conference of the spring: RE-EXAMINING OPEN SOURCE AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT.

This Conference will revisit the rise and acceptance of Open Source Software throughout political and institutional entities, and the varying degrees of commitment and sincerity with which it has been adopted. Various panels will discuss the legal risks associated with adopting and Open Source model, how the Open Source model may be incorporated outside the world of software, as well as the broader adoption of “Community Development” in the creation of new products and services inside and outside of the technological world.

This conference will take place at the Wolf Law Building on Monday, March 5. For directions, parking, and rate information, please visit

For more information on RE-EXAMINING OPEN SOURCE AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT and how to register for the event, please see:

For more general information on Silicon Flatirons, please see our brochure, which also includes a letter discussing the state of the Program.

As always, please feel free to follow up with any thoughts or recommendations.

Best, Phil Weiser
Executive Director, Silicon Flatirons Program


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