“Emailer,” “Blogger,” or “Communicator”?

As Jonathan Schwartz notes in a recent post to his blog, “we all have choices in how we communicate – I use this [blog] format because it works for me, allows me to talk to a diversity of constituents [. . . ] and a blog is more affordable than the daily global townhalls it supplants.” While I am not in a league where I will be doing “global townhalls” any time soon, Jonathan’s post captures the reasoning behind my decision to begin distributing my Email Alerts and Updates through an RSS format. To borrow from the post, I don’t look at this so much as my transition from an “emailer” to a “blogger.” Instead, I look at it as part of my continuing attempt to use technology to communicate more efficiently and effectively. Indeed, as the use of firewall technology has increased over the past few years (right along with the size of the distribution list for my Alerts and Updates) it has become successively more difficult to ensure that each of my Alerts and Updates reaches its intended recipients. With any luck, this site will help solve that problem and increase your ability to view my Alerts and Updates.

Just a reminder to all of you who previously received my Updates and Alerts via email, going forward the Alerts and Updates will be available via either RSS or email through this site.

In case you have not taken the time to look around, I have also posted all of my prior Alerts and Updates to the site. So, if you are a more recent addition to my distribution list, you can see what you have been missing.


One Response

  1. Just don’t leave behind non-techie types which, I suppose, includes most everyone. Perhaps not your immediate clients, but I’m constantly surprised by how much the technology world “sells” to itself. We’re using RSS, blogs, etc., but a huge swath of the “normal” population does not.

    Still, you’re probably safe. I’m guessing your readers are mostly on the tech-savvy side.

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