GPLv3 Webinar Materials

[UPDATE: OpenLogic has posted a recording of the webinar on the OpenLogic web site — Click Here]

Thanks to all of you who attended my GPLv3-Not Without Me! (or, if you prefer, GPLv3, What’s In It For Me?) webinar earlier today. Judging from the fantastic response we had in terms of registrations (and attendees), the topic of GPLv3 is clearly a hot one for companies across a broad demographic (vendors and users alike) and likely not one that is going away anytime soon.

As I mentioned during the Webinar, so much of open source software license interpretation has come to be based on accepted practices and established codes of conduct developed within the open source (legal) community. This results in large part from the lack of useful legal precedent relevant to the treatment of open source software, and software in general, under copyright law – with the practices and codes of conduct filling the gaps in the existing law. I suspect this also results from the fact that open source software development itself is reliant on a community-based process. If the software is developed by and through a community, it follows that many of the legal interpretations relevant to the software would naturally result from similar processes. What this means with a new license as ubiquitous as the GPL is that all of us involved with open source software licensing are now a part of that community developing the next generation of those practices and codes. Challenging? Perhaps. But likely also a big part of the reason why many of us find ourselves attracted to open source software.

Look for a follow-up webinar later in the year to examine how these practices and codes of conduct are starting to develop around GPLv3 and to spend a bit more time with a few of the weightier topics from today’s webinar. In the meantime, I have posted the slides from the webinar to this site and OpenLogic will be posting a recording of the entire webinar to their web site soon (including the Q&A portion for those of you who had to leave early). There were some great questions from the attendees and I encourage you to check it out!


2 Responses

  1. I was sorely disappointed to miss this one, Jason. When is the encore?

  2. […] Since my GPLv3 webinar back in July, I have fielded a number of questions regarding the whereabouts of the explanatory […]

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