Jump Starting Open Source Compliance

My friends at OpenLogic have announced a series of OpenSource Policy JumpStart Workshops in Denver, San Mateo and New York. The idea behind the workshops is fairly straightforward – to give you the practical information and understanding you need to develop an open source policy for your organization (or to benchmark your existing policy against those of some of the industry leaders in this area).  That said, the value is considerable.  If there is one mistake companies make in trying to manage their deployment and use of open source software, it is trying to do so without a coherent open source policy in place to guide the process.  

I am going to be the luncheon speaker at the Denver workshop on August 22nd. I am really looking forward to being able to sit in on the workshop myself. They will be led by Stormy Peters, OpenLogic’s Director of Community and Partner Programs. Stormy is a great presenter and has a fantastic amount of experience helping companies contend with the business and practical issues around open source compliance, both at OpenLogic and before that at HP. I have had the privilege of presenting with Stormy at a number of past events and always end-up benefiting from having heard what she has to say.

If you are looking to launch a corporate open source policy, or are interested in learning how your existing policy stacks-up against the best practices of some of the industry leaders in this area, I would encourage you to attend. More details are in the official announcement below.

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OpenLogic Offers Regional Open Source Policy JumpStart Workshops

The Open Source Policy JumpStart Workshops will be led by Stormy Peters, OpenLogic’s Director of Community and Partner Programs.

Stormy founded and managed the Open Source Program Office at Hewlett-Packard. Stormy is also a frequent keynote speaker on business aspects of open source software at major conferences. She has addressed the United Nations, European Union and various U.S. state governments on open source software. Stormy was a co-founder of the non-profit GNOME Foundation, which is based on open source principles to encourage the development of a computing platform, comprised of free software, for use by the general public.
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OpenLogic is taking our Open Source Policy JumpStart Workshops on the road! This is your opportunity to attend a one-day workshop at a location near you and get a jump on defining and implementing a corporate policy based on industry best practices. Workshops are being held in Colorado, California and New York.

Colorado Regional Workshop
The Colorado regional Policy JumpStart Workshop will be held in Denver on Wednesday, August 22. The featured lunch speaker at this workshop will be Jason Haislmaier, partner at the law firm of Holme Roberts & Owen, and an expert on open source legal and compliance issues. Register today.

California Regional Workshop
The California regional Policy JumpStart Workshop will be held in San Mateo on Thursday September 13. The featured lunch speaker at this workshop will be Tim Golden, Senior VP at Bank of America. Register today.

New York Regional Workshop
Watch for additional details on the upcoming workshop in the New York Financial District.

Whether you need to strengthen an existing open source policy or build one from scratch, this workshop will provide the information and best practices you need to create an open source policy that meets your business needs.

Who Should Attend
OpenLogic’s Open Source Policy JumpStart Workshops are ideal for:

Open Source Champions
IT and Development Managers
Procurement Personnel

What is Covered
Utilizing OpenLogic’s Policy Workbook, OpenLogic’s Stormy Peters will guide attendees through the information and best practices they need to formulate their own open source policy decisions. Key open source issues for the enterprise will be included, such as:

Tracking and auditing

What You Get
Each attendee will take home a copy of the OpenLogic Policy Workbook and the OpenLogic Policy Builder. The workbook contains material from the class and extra exercises to help your organization decide its policies. The OpenLogic Policy Builder contains a series of questions that should be addressed by your team, along with text that you can use to develop a working policy for your organization.

Cost for the workshop is $495 per person for the first registration from any company. However, since open source policy development typically involves multiple functions within any organization, we are offering a $100 per person discount for additional attendees from each company.

About OpenLogic
OpenLogic is a leading provider of open source solutions that enable enterprises to safely acquire, support, and control open source software. OpenLogic provides enterprises with a certified library of open source software that encompasses hundreds of the most popular open source packages. With the broadest open source coverage in the industry, OpenLogic offers indemnification; updates; and enterprise-grade technical support backed by the OpenLogic Expert Community. The OpenLogic solution also enforces open source policies and automates the integration and deployment of open source components – reducing the risk and maximizing the cost savings associated with using open source software. For more on OpenLogic, go to www.openlogic.com



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