GPLv3 Resources

Since my GPLv3 webinar back in July, I have fielded a number of questions regarding the whereabouts of the explanatory materials released by the FSF relating to GPLv3 that I referenced in the webinar. While most of these materials are available online (at the time of this post), they are not always easy to locate. To save you the trouble of tracking them down for yourself, I have posted links to the various materials below. I have also included links to comparisons showing the language changes made from draft-to-draft of GPLv3.

I mentioned it in the webinar and the topic came up again in a presentation this morning to Alfresco. In much the same way that the debate, discussion, commentary and interim drafts leading up to the passage of laws in this country are later used to help interpret the meaning and intent of those laws, these materials form a sort of “legislative history” of GPLv3 by which the language in the final draft of GPLv3 can be interpreted and (hopefully) better understood.

Please ping me with a comment or email if you have any difficulties with any of the links or if you know of other resources that should be added to this list.

GPLv3 Official Draft – June 29th 2007

Comparison to Fourth Discussion Draft

GPLv3 Fourth Discussion Draft (the “Last Call” Draft) – May 31st 2007


Comparison to Third Discussion Draft

GPLv3 Draft Third Discussion Draft – March 28th 2007

Comparison to Second Discussion Draft

GPLv3 Second Discussion Draft – July 27th 2006


Comparison to Initial Discussion Draft

GPLv3 Initial Discussion Draft – January 16th 2006



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