Yes, It’s True. Another Webinar.

The week before last I was fortunate enough to spend about an hour or so doing a presentation for Matt Asay and his sales team from Alfresco. I say “fortunate” because as is often the case when I do a presentation for a sharp group like the one at Alfresco I end up coming away from the question and answer portion of the presentation feeling like I have benefited as much as the audience. The presentation was themed around “selling” open source and some of the legal concerns that open source salespeople are likely to encounter from customers. We also touched on some open source license language interpretation issues, as well as more general issues around how open source “copyleft” differs from traditional copyright.

Following the presentation, Matt suggested that we do a follow-up for a larger audience (thanks Matt). I, of course, agreed. The result is a free open source (or, if you prefer free “free and open source”) legal training webinar on August 29th. Matt has more information on his blog, as do the guys at Open Sources.

I hope you can attend.


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  1. […] Licensing Webinar follow-up Thank you to those of you who attended this morning’s free (as in free beer) free and open source licensing webinar.  As a number of you have requested a copy of the slides, I have posted a copy here. The audio […]

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