Free (as in free beer) Free and Open Source Licensing Webinar follow-up

Thank you to those of you who attended this morning’s free (as in free beer) free and open source licensing webinar. As a number of you have requested a copy of the slides, I have posted a copy here. The audio from the webinar was recorded as well and should be posted shortly (feel free to contact me if it is not).

[UPDATE: Matt Asay has the audio for the webinar and instructions on how to get it on his blog]

We hit on a number of interesting topics during the webinar. Not the least of these was the recent interim decision in the Jacobsen v. Katzner case and the issues open source licensors and courts will continue to face regarding the interpretation of open source licenses and the language used in those licenses. Of course, we also hit on GPLv3 and the current happenings around open source software and software patents. We had a great Q&A after the webinar (which was also recorded). As is usually the case when I do a presentation like this one, I ended up coming away from the Q&A feeling like I had benefited as much as the audience.

Special thanks to Matt Asay for creating the opportunity for this webinar and helping to make it happen. Even though neither Matt nor his company Alfresco sponsored the webinar, it was through Matt’s suggestion, and with assistance from him and members of his team at Alfresco, that the webinar happened. Thanks again Matt.

There was at least one suggestion during the Q&A, and several following the webinar, for future webinar topics. If there are legal issues around open source licensing that you would like to see covered in future presentations, please let me know (either through a comment to this site or via email). And, stay tuned for information on upcoming webinars and presentations. With all that is going on legally in open source at present I will likely be speaking again soon.



3 Responses

  1. Thanks for taking the time Jason, the presentation and the Q&A was a big help for us.

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  3. Free and Open Source Software Licensing Presentations (including GPLv3)

    I’ve recently listened to an excellent presentation on free and open source software from Jason Haislmaier, a partner at Holme, Roberts Owen in Boulder, Colorado. His slides are posted on his blog. He presented the work as a webinar at

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