GOSCON Here I Come


I will be speaking next month at GOSCON 07 (that’s the Government Open Source Conference). This year the event runs from October 15-16 in Portland, OR. The event has grown quite a bit over the last two years and the organizers are expecting over 500 attendees at the conference this year. As Stephen Walli and others have noted, this is an excellent event if you have anything to do with free and open source software from a government perspective (and that includes government contractors and vendors). Stehpe was a presenter last year and speaks very highly of the event — click here for his account of the conference.

My session is titled “Open Source Licensing 101.” The topic is relatively broad and gives me a license to cover a number of different areas — and with the recent legal activity around open source licensing, there is no shortage of areas to cover. I am still developing the materials, but regardless of your level of experience with open source licensing the session should be of value.

Special thanks to Deb Bryant for organizing the event (and for inviting me to speak). From the looks of it, she has done an exceptional job building, growing, and maintaining the conference. I am really looking forward to being a part of this event.


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