Upcoming BCBA Presentation

For those of you in Colorado, I will be giving a presentation on open source software licensing issues for lawyers to the Boulder County Bar Association on Thursday of this week. I have included details on the presentation below. Further information is available on the BCBA website at: http://www.boulder-bar. I hope to see you there!

November 8, 2007

Open Source Software


It has become unrealistic for most businesses to avoid the use of open source software. Managing the use of open source software can, however, raise unique legal concerns not faced in the management of traditional proprietary software. Starting with a review of the legal foundations for open source software licenses, this session will cover current legal issues around open source software and discuss the legal and practical concerns generated those issues. The session will also present practical lessons learned in the field and best practices for compliance with open source software licenses. This session is designed to be of value both to those new to the field of open source software license compliance as well as seasoned open source compliance experts. 1 CLE $20, Lunch $10 (turkey, veggie, club or salad w/ or w/o meat)

Presenter: Jason Haislmaier
Hutchinson Black & Cook, 921 Walnut, 12:00 pm



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