Getting SaaSy with the Boulder Software Club

Even if you have not been listening all that carefully, you can’t help but have heard the steady stream of commentary and analysis of late surrounding the growth in popularity of the Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Indeed, IDC, McKinsey Consulting, Goldman Sachs, and even Brad Feld appear to be bullish on the rise of SaaS — and with good reason. The popularity of the SaaS model has really started to take off, both among existing software vendors who are exploring a switch to a SaaS model and among the current crop of pure-play SaaS companies.

The benefits of the SaaS model have really become something that all software vendors can no longer overlook. SaaS offerings have reached levels of functionality and reliability competitive with those of traditional software delivery models. Customers are showing an increased willingness to acquire software through SaaS models throughout their businesses. Investors too are showing enthusiasm for SaaS – continuing to fund SaaS companies and even encouraging traditional software companies in their portfolios to adopt SaaS models.

However, while SaaS can appear relatively simple and attractive, the implementation of a SaaS model poses many challenges – both to companies starting-up with a SaaS model and to traditional software vendors looking to migrate to SaaS. With the help of the Boulder Software Club I have put together an event to explore some of the business, economic, technical and legal challenges posed by the SaaS model. In addition to yours truly, Don Hazell (EVP Worldwide Sales and Field Operations at Rally Software) and Jim Pollock (President of AWhere Inc.) will be joining in on the presentation. For more information, visit the Boulder Software Club web site or contact Club President Richard Bass at:



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