Why Do I Blog?

“We all have choices in how we communicate – I use this [blog] format because it works for me, allows me to talk to a diversity of constituents [. . . ] and a blog is more affordable than the daily global townhalls it supplants.”

Jonathan Schwartz, CEO — Sun Microsystems, Inc. (exerpted from a July 15, 2007 post to his blog)

While I am not in a league where I will be doing “global townhalls” any time soon, Jonathan Schwartz’s post captures the reasoning behind my decision to begin this blog. For years I have distributed “Updates” and “Alerts” concerning various legal topics of interest. Initially, these publications took the form of written, multi-page documents, edited and vetted through multiple layers of attorneys and marketing personnel at my firm, then finally sent out by traditional mail. In that form the publications were time consuming and labor intensive, often arriving well after the information in the publication had lost much of its initial value. Traditional mail soon gave way to the use of email to distribute Updates and Alerts. This change certainly cut down on the delay in distribution, but did little to shorten the time and effort required to generate and publish an Update or Alert. Of late, I have found far too many topics for which even email is simply not the most efficient and effective means of communication. Likewise, as firewall technology has increased in effectiveness (right along with the size of the distribution lists for my email Alerts and Updates) it has become successively more difficult to ensure that each of my email Alerts and Updates actually reaches its intended recipients.

Not only does blogging allow me to offer content either via email or through an RSS feed, but it also affords me far more flexibility in the size, content, and nature of the Updates and Alerts that I can publish and allows me to do so in a very timely fashion. In addition, it does so without forcing me to transition away from the distribution of print and email Updates and Alerts — indeed, print and email will continue to remain the preferred means to publish certain information. Instead, to borrow again from Jonathan Schwartz, as publication via email was to publication via traditional mail, so too is publication through a blog yet another step in the continuing ability to use technology as a tool to more efficiently and effectively communicate in a timely manner.

I hope you enjoy the site. If you find the content to be of interest, please sign-up to receive future updates via either RSS feed or email.

Please ping me with an email if I can answer any questions.


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  1. Nice blog – I liked the presentation that I found from your firm when I was refreshing my memory on the details of the Busybox lawsuits.

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